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Your water supply is one of your most important aspects of your home; and a properly constructed and drilled well should supply you and your family with safe, clean drinking water for the life of your home.  Having extensive training and knowledge of the geology and hydrogeology assures you that Smith Well Drilling will obtain the most plentiful amount of water and at a cost-effective price.


-  Air Rotary 5" -24"

-  Cable Tool Drilling 2 1/2" - 36"

-  Mud Rotary 5" - 24"

-  Depths to 1,500 feet

-  DHD Down Hole Hammer 5" - 18"

-  Naturally Developed Screened Wells

-  Concentrix Overburden Drilling System

-  And much more

We offer drilling services for residential, commercial, and municipal  purposes.

For applications requiring high capacity and long-term sustainability, we can assist you with designing and constructing your high yield water supply. These services are available to commercial, municipal, and industrial customers.

Supply your family with safe, clean drinking water.

Our Capabilities Include:

Commercial/Municipal Drilling

Drilling service